Private Chef VR Female POV

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Lando Ryder VR porn

Lando Ryder goes all out to prepare a special dinner for you. He even invites the private chef, Jeffrey Lloyd, to prepare a nice meal for the two of you. Lando and Jeffrey have already planned everything out. For tonight’s dinner course, the dessert comes first. Lando and Jeffrey get down to their knees to give you a titillating pussy licking. You can feel Lando’s tongue exploring every nook and cranny of your lady part. Lando is the first one to experience the tightness of your insides. He gives you the missionary pounding you love before passing the baton to Jeffrey. Jeffrey goes down on you without hesitation. After feasting on your pearl, he passionately makes love with you in the spoon. The horny lads take turns enjoying your wet lady part until you cum hard. It doesn’t take long before Lando and Jeffrey also feel they are about to cum. You lovingly watch them as they shoot their warm cum all over your tits.

Cast: Marina Gold, Jeffrey Lloyd & Lando Ryder
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