Everlasting Love Part 1

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SexArt - Everlasting Love

As passionate lovers Ruby Shades and Lando Ryder stroll hand-in-hand through the busy streets, they only have eyes for each other. Part one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Everlasting Love” finds them kissing tenderly as they frolic on the beach. Later, after dinner, they drink champagne on the balcony of their glamorous apartment, dance and embrace adoringly. The following morning, Ruby gazes at the ocean view from their bedroom, welcoming Lando back to bed with a flirtatious smile. He sucks her nipples and licks her through her white lace panties before peeling them off and eating her shaved pussy, adding his fingers to get her very aroused. Ruby straddles Lando and guides his rigid cock into her wet pussy, gazing into his eyes as she slides up and down sensuously. She rides harder, their bodies slapping together frantically; breathless, she rolls off Lando and he penetrates her in spoons, driving into her with powerful strokes. Her fingers on her clit, Ruby is overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. She’s glowing with pleasure as Lando thrusts into her in missionary, fucking her to another climax and cumming inside her soaked pussy. But this lovers’ tale ends in tragedy, with Lando drowning his sorrows; will he ever find happiness again?

Cast: Lando Ryder & Ruby Shades

Director: Andrej Lupin

Released: Jul 31, 2022

Runtime: 33:19

Executive Producer: MetArt Films

Producer: Ariel Piper Fawn

Camera Operator: John Sweet, John Humble

Still Photographer: Theodor

Makeup Artist: Nica MUA

Production Manager: Lucy Licott

Production Assistant: Jacob Piece

Categories: SexArt